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PACCAR Winch Division is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of winch, hoist and drive systems. PACCAR Winch products are sold under the nameplates of Braden, Carco and Gearmatic. PACCAR Winch service a diverse and growing customer base consisting of many of the world's leading equipment manufacturers.

Why select PACCAR Winch?

Engineering Expertise
Backed by a solid foundation of proven industry and application knowledge, our research and development engineers utilize the latest design technology including Six Sigma (DFSS), Pro-E and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to provide precision component designs, robust assemblies and rugged products. Additionally our engineering staff conducts comprehensive testing to assure all products and components perform to customer specifications.

Exceptional Quality
Exceptional quality is the cornerstone of PACCAR. It's the reason design, construction and service are never compromised. ISO 9001: 2000, ANSI, API, DNV, ABS and SAE are some of the certifications and standards PACCAR Winch Division pursues. We build the world's best winches, not simply by meeting industry standards, but by setting them.

People and Process
The true backbone of PACCAR Winch Division is our employees. They define, measure, analyze, improve, and control each process ensuring defect free products one operation at a time. Continual process education and refinement has lead to the most innovative and advanced manufacturing techniques. Each product is hand-built and inspected by a qualified associate.

Our manufacturing, assembly, service, and sales force have over 400 years of cumulative field experience. We strive to maintain a knowledgeable and diverse network of internal resources to sell, supply, and service the finest winch and drive systems in the world.

After the Sale Support
When products continue to perform for 20 years, 30 years or more, substantial credit belongs to outstanding parts and service support. PACCAR Winch Division products are supported by an entire department dedicated to providing the best parts, service, and technical support in the industry. Comprehensive service literature, factory training schools, online parts, and service information and phone support ensure information and technical data is available when it's needed.

Commitment to the Future
PACCAR Winch Division is committed to continuously strengthening the Company's market position through unwavering dedication to growth, quality, value, and service while securing the future with appropriate investments in employees, equipment and technologies. In coming years, the Company will continue to reach new heights in customer satisfaction and product design. New innovative products will be introduced to the market place, maintaining the same high standards for design and practicality PACCAR products have delivered since 1905.

Above all, the Company's goal will remain the same:
To Manufacture the Highest Quality, Highest Value Winch, Hoist, and Drive Systems in the World.

Series of Braden Winch


PD Series: Line Pull 11000— 17000lbs

GH Series: Line Pull 15000lbs—44000lbs

CH Series: Line Pull 15000—60000lbs

  PD Series GH Series CH Series

BH Series: Line Pull: 3000lbs—8000lbs

Low Mount Worm Gear

Upright Worm Gear

  BG Series  Low Mount Worm Gear Upright Worm Gear

Winches used for Dredge and Tractor

Air Winch

RW300 Series

  Winches used for Dredge and Tractor Air Winch RW300 Series

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