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Basing on ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 Standard Systems, we are keeping dedicated efforts to build up our comprehensive QHSE Management in the way of continual improvement. Follow the "system management, prevention first" principle of management, to comprehensive control on the production and operation activities.

“Zero Defects Program” is being implemented in our Quality Management Process;

“Zero Incidents Program” is being implemented in our HSE management Process


Management Principles and Policy

Follow standard specification, standardize specific feature, pursue perfection, to provide clients with products that meet health, safety, and environment requirements.

HSE Principles and Policy:Comply with the state policies, laws, regulations and the relevant industry requirements, take prevention measures as the priority, engage all staff to participate in building up and implementing HSE management system in continual improvement process.  

Management commitment: 
1. Continually  propagate HSE Policy and Culture to all staff, and Conscientiously implement all HSE requirements in whole management and production process.
2. Establish a specific HSE target,  and provide sufficient resource to support the target achievement.
3. The QHSE is most important in whole project implement process, the QHSE requirements should be considered as high priority during the project planning.
4. Provide QHSE training to all of the staffs.
5. Check and inspect the equipment and device in line with QHSE Specification.
6. Conduct QHSE activities and build highly company QHSE culture.
7. Keep closely communication and build good relationships with government institution and corporates.

Management Target

Zero Accidents in Safety, Zero Defects in Quality, Zero Pollution in Envirement.

HSE Achievement:

Over the years, the company's annual general productive hours have shown improvement each year, recordable accident rate has declined in the past consecutive years, the safety performance has shown continuous improvement. Company has sustained the “serious personal casualty accident, environmental pollution incident and occupational disease case” index to be zero. On Nov.15, 2011, the Shenzhen companyhas achieved “no accident” record of 1256 days.

Since 2001, company have been awarded HSE management advanced unit by all of our clients and all assignments oilfield for many times.The medals, trophies witnessing the safety course that QPOChas went through.

Continuous Improvement

“Zero accident in safety and Zero defect in Quality” is the management target we are pursuing for; continuously improve and optimize our process technologies, procedures and management system as to realize best quality of our service.

In recently years, company management is continually increasing budget on QHSE training and management, keeping to conduct series of HSE Improvement Action to enhance our staffs QHSE knowledge and build up company QHSE culture, sparkpluging the Philosophy of Standardization, Precision, Innovation and Development as the conerstone to provide best service to our customs in safety and professional manner.