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We started PPU business from 2010, cooperated with Enermech, an England company, QPOC offers a host of services for your pipeline and process pipe from the construction stage, to operation, maintenance and rehabilitation, all the way through to de-commissioning / abandonment. Whether onshore or offshore; liquid or gas, shallow or deepwater, with a highly experienced, well trained global network of personnel, and innovative, state of the art proprietary technology, the group is well equipped to meet all the requirements of the pipeline, process, industrial and energy markets worldwide – both safely and efficiently.

Pipeline Services

Process Services

    Cleaning     Nitrogen Purging/Testing
    Flooding &Hydrotesting     Nitrogen/Helium Leak Testing
    Pneumatic Testing     Pneumatic Testing
    Dewatering     Controlled Bolting
    Drying     Total Flange Management
    Specialist Umbilical Services    Onsite Machining
    Abandonment     Hydrotesting
    Below Ground Leak Detection     Flushing/Retro-jetting
    Pipeline Inspection     Camera Inspection
      Oil Flushing / Chemical Cleaning
      Pre-Commissioning/Shutdown Services

History Cases:

1. 2010, COSOCO Dalian BW FPSO Conversion project, hydraulic tubing installation, chemical cleaning, hot oil flushing and commissioning.
2. 2012, HARRIS LNG Ningxia province, process pipe leaking test with Helium and Nitrogen.
3. 2013, CNOOC LH19-5 subsea pipeline pre-commissioning.
4. 2014, COSOCO FPSO conversion project, flange management and leaking test and PSV calibration.
Nitrogen Boost Pump Nitrogen Boost Pump
Flooding Pump Filter /Break Tank c/w spare Flowmeter
Subsea Pipeline Pre-commissioning