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Rich experienced engineering team, well trained and certified electrical team, sophisticated machining process and testing facilities, precise measuring and documentation system, strict QA/QC system consist of cornerstone of our Electrical Service, integrated with VPI System, ABB VFD Control Console, High Voltage Transformer (1000KVA, 3150-12600V) for Power Supply, special designed stator winding process shop, large size baking oven, advanced inspection instruments to comprise defect-free and highest quality process, we are the veteran and expert on overhaul, maintenance, reconditioning and commissioning on all sorts of AC Motor, DC Motor, Generator and Voltage Transformers. We are qualified and certificated enterprise of EX-Motor repair and EX-electrical equipment installation authorized By SAC/TC9, with full capability to provide overhaul, maintenance, commissioning, inspection, installation service to offshore EX-Motor, Ex-Transformer, EX-Electrical systems.
Overhaul Process for 1600KW Generator Overhaul Process for 1600KW Generator  Reconditioning Process to Ventilation Fan
Rewinding Process for 13.8KV 600KW Motor Rewinding Process for 13.8KV 600KW Motor Rewinding Process for 13.8KV 600KW Motor
Overhaul Process for 525KW EX-Motor Overhaul Process for Submersible Motor Overhaul Process for 800KW DC Motor