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1. Design Methodology for Centrifuge Pump

(a)  Absolute Velocity Sector Diagram
(b) Relative Velocity Sector Diagram
Fig 1:  Flow Vector Diagram in Designed Impellor
(a) Mid Section of Static Pressure Diagram of Volute
(b) Mid Section of Total Pressure Diagram of Volute
Fig 2: Diagram of Static Pressure and Total Pressure of Designed Volute

    Single stage centrifuge pump:Moudle: 4HPX15A Flow Rate: 200m3/hr,Rotating Speed: 3583rpm, Power: 225KW, Range of lift: 278—294m. CCS Certified.2、Pump Manufacturing:



    Tracked well operating Multi-Stage Pumps manufacture by us:

Pic 5   Pump Case Casting Process
 Pic 6  Machining Process for Pump Case
Pic 7  Lower Pump Case after machining Pic 8   Lower Pump Case after machining
Pic 9  Pump Assembly Process Pic10  Testing Process for Pump Assembly


3. Transfer Centrifugal Pump for subsea pipeline preheat on XJ24-3 and P-2407, Anping Project 

   Pump Performance Data

Pump Skid Manufacture
Skid and pump Design, manufacture, testing, CSS Certify, and FAT; Diesel Engine Driven, with transmission box, API Standard.

Pump Skid for XJ24-3 and P-2407, Anping Project

4. Anchor Weight Manufacture for POC

3 D Graphic Model of Anchor Weight
3 D Graphic Model of Anchor Weight
Machining Process for Anchor Weight    Assembly Process for Anchor Weight

5. Offloading Hose Floating Buoy Manufacture:

Fabrication Process for Floating Buoy
Offloading Hose Floating Buoy

6. Drilling Top Driver Guide Dolly Farbication 

3D View of Guide Dolly
Guide Dolly Assembly  
Hydrualic Hose Reel Test  
Hydrostatic Test Pack & Delivery