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Crane Boom Recondition
Fabrication Process for Pump Cases and other equipment omponents
Offshore Structure and Main Deck Renew  
Design and Fabrication of Container and Lifting Basket 
Offshore Structure and Module Fabrication
HVAC Ventilation Duct Fabrication
 Equipment, Skid, and Module offshore installation
Offshore Crane Boom Recondition Fabrication of Refrigerator Container
Fabrication of Container  Fabrication Accommodation Container
Deck Renew Project Deck Renew Project

Gas Turbine Enclosure Fabrication

Welding Repair to Overboard Discharge line Welding Repair to Overboard Discharge line
Installation of Desulfurization unit

Fabrication Process for Subsea PL Protection Frame

Extension Deck Fabrication Engine Room Ventilation Fan Fabrication