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Rich experienced engineering team, well trained mechanic team, sophisticated machining process and testing facilities, precise measuring and documentation system, strict QA/QC system consist of cornerstone of our Pump Technology, we are veteran and expert on Overhaul, Reconditioning, Manufacturing, Process Engineering to all sorts of offshore pumps, from single stage to multistage, from horizontal type to vertical type, from processing pump to submersible pump, from centrifugal pump to screw pump. We also specializing in pump skid design, fabrication, offshore installation, and providing expert service to pump process system
Machining Process to Pump Case Balance Test and Run-out Inspection to Pump
Shaft Assembly
Pump Assembly Process
Commissioning and Load Test for 5 Stages Horizontal Centrifugal Pump Charge Pump Skid Fabrication Manufacturing Special Designed Hydrocyclone Pump
Commissioning and Load test for HydrocyclonePump Installation Process for 9 Stages Feed Water Pump Load Test Preparation for Multistage Electrical Submersible Pump