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Being with sophisticated technology and process, and with extensive engineering experience of more than 20 years, QPOC Mechanical Service Team is specializing in comprehensive service of maintenance, overhaul, reconditioning and manufacturing to offshore mechanical equipment and systems, implementing long-term contracts to our clients for providing Mechanical Service on following offshore mechanical equipment and systems:
  • Pumps: Multistage Centrifugal Pump, Screw Pump, Turbine Pump, Jacky Pump, Production Water Pump, Sea Water Lifting Pump, Submersible Turbine Pump, High Pressure Water Jetting Pump, Hydraulic Driven Fire Pump
  • Valves: Pressure Range from 10000psi to 100psi, Size Range from 20” to 1” ball valve, globe valve, gate valve, butterfly valve, bleeder valve, check valve……..
  • Wellhead Xmas-Tree: FMC, Cameron &Jinshi Wellhead Xmas-Tree…….
  • Diesel Engine: Caterpillar, Mark, Daihatsu, Man B&W, SXD, Cummins…..
  • Crane: Aero, Seatrax, FMC, Titan, Weatherford, SCM, Patriot……
  • Crane Winch: Braden, SCM, Lantec, Zollern
High Quality is always put as the top priority in our Mechanical Service. As to ensure performance of delivery products complying with desired standards and specifications, we have built up series of loading and commissioning facilities for testing process for pump, HVAC compressor, crane winch, motor, valves, voltage transformer, etc.
Working with our clients, basing on theory of preventive maintenance, we have built an inventory stock for spare parts for all aspects of pumps, valves, compressors, crane winches, electrical motors, and diesel engines. This inventory will save client’s shut down time, also decrease their management cost.
We are also keeping our dedicated efforts to manufacture special equipment, spare parts and components in accordance with client’s requirement basing on lean production process and technology.
All our tracked efforts on spare parts inventory and on special manufacturing techniques are recognized and praised by our clients.
Pump Technology: Design, engineering, overhaul, manufacturing Valve and Wellhead Tree Technology: Overhaul, Pressure Test, Reconditioning and Commissioning.

Repair Process for Wellhead Christmas Tree

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